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Telling Stories Through Visual Art

SaltiWords Productions Writes, Creates, and Produces Stories About The Human Experience 

Creating stories that show the complexity of everyday life and the choices one has to make daily, professionally, personally, and romantically allows us to understand the layers each person has under his or her skin. We can then understand one another, see each other in new ways and most important, empathize with ourselves and those around us. 


The writing process is messy and uncertain and at times brilliant and at other times tormenting. Getting the story on the page takes courage and time and loneliness. This is why great care is taken when a story is written. Before the creation process begins the human experience is kneaded into the texture each ingredient demands it to be. Then it bakes until golden brown.  

Telling  the  Story


Creating the story requires each part to function in harmony with each other. The actors in step with the director, the cinematic shot in melody with the scene, the action in beat with the story. 


Honoring the story, the actors, the production team is a top priority. Before the final edit is applied, great care is taken in making sure sound, music, scenes tell the story that allows the viewer "to experience a characters journey." 

Cracked Concrete Wall

Meet the Creators

Corina Monoran

Corina enjoys writing, performing and creating. Her first play, A Friend Like You, was performed by the fourth grade class of Lincoln Elementary school in Nampa, Idaho. She has performed in theatre, short films, film competitions.


Corina's credits include: Baggage (lead), Spoon River Anthology (ensemble), Young Frankenstein(ensemble), Super Secret Site Specific Something (ensemble), Gone Silent (lead, writer, director). She has participated in the i48 Idaho film contests (written, produced, performed), created a Youtube channel (Why U Gotta B So Salti), started a podcast Her Salti Words and is the founder of SaltiWords Productions.  


Love There That's Sleeping is the first short film produced by SaltiWords Productions. Corina also wrote and directed the short film. She is currently working on her next short film: her small words.  


Below is a list of the amazing cast and contributors to Love There That's Sleeping.  

Meet the Editor

Katie Preston

Katie is an actress and freelance editor/producer based out of Boise, Idaho.  She currently blends this with assistant food styling and working as the Assistant Festival Director for the Lady Filmmakers Festival (based out of Beverly Hills, California) and loves every minute of it.  Her favorite projects to date have been shot in Idaho.


"Vagina Town" (web series) Season 1, is available on YouTube, and "Affective" (short film) is finishing up its festival circuit and currently available on Amazon.  This Spring (2021) she is co-producing and acting in a web series that she wrote, loosely based on life. 

For more information or work/resume samples, please visit www.katiepreston.com

Meet Joan

Ellen Smith

Ellen has played everything from a dying, sweet mother to a vicious police chief. Her ability to display complex emotionality earned her Best Supporting Actress in the Film Race Film Festival in 2017.


Ellen studied acting at the University of Idaho earning her degree in Theatre. Since that time, Ellen has continued her acting education/training by taking improv classes, participating in on-going acting training with April Matson (Kyle XY) along with additional focused acting/audition classes. Most recently, she completed training with Tom Todoroff at his acting intensive. 


After earning her bachelor's degree in Theatre, Ellen spontaneously decided to attend law school. She graduated with a Juris Doctorate from the University of Idaho and opened her own law firm in Boise, Idaho with her husband and brother. Now, as an attorney, family law mediator, actress, dutiful wife and mother of three, Ellen has elevated the term "multi-hyphenate" to new levels.

Meet Cory

Jason Haskins

Jason currently serves as the resident playwright and dramaturg for Alley Repertory Theater and likes to dabble in acting from time to time. Mostly, he likes to focus his energy as a playwright, screenwriter, novelist, and sports writer.

Jason’s previous film credits include: “Spray Paint Atlas” (The Salesman), “Shreds” (Tesla), “Blind Steal” (Card Dealer), and “Just Add Meat” (lead). Stage performances include roles in: "The Farnsworth Invention" by Aaron Sorkin, “Lone Star” by James McClure, and “Bash” by Neil LaBute, to name a few. Jason was the co-creator of Boise produced plays “Voices from the Boise Hole” and “Levi Middlebrooks: Back 2 Boyzee”.

He has also written four full-length plays entitled “Solace”, “Poison”, “The Latitude of Life”, and “Half Past Midnight” and self-published two fantasy novels and one novella.

Visit jason-haskins.com to learn more.

Meet Kelly/E.R Nurse

Erin "Z" Westfall

Erin is an award winning lighting designer, choreographer, and dancer as well as film director, and actor.


She has been on several panels addressing the past, present, and future of women in film (primarily regarding technical roles) and recently wrote and directed the short documentary Baghdad to Boise.


Erin also enjoys traveling, having completed both the Camino de Santiago in Spain and the Nakahechi route of the Kumano Kodo in Japan. Erin has a Bachelor's in Theatrical Arts from Central Washington University and a Master's in Speech Language Pathology from Idaho State.

 Love There That's Sleeping

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